Local Innovators: How AI-Powered Startups are Transforming Florida

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: Seminole State College - 100 Weldon Boulevard Sanford, FL 32773

WHEN: Oct 14th  

In our conversations with our Google Developer Group community, we uncovered a common desire to explore topics related to tech entrepreneurship and leadership. It’s with great pleasure that DevFest Florida 2023 features the return of the Startup Stage, a conversation around forming high impact software teams, and lessons in tech startup execution.  Excited to share stories of business leaders who use AI, machine learning and computer vision to make a difference.

How Not to Build a Rocket When Asked for a Bike

Aditya Guthey - WhoWeAreSe | Communication and Influence Coach and Trainer

One of the top complaints business leaders have about their tech teams is that they often build what they want, rather than listening to the business’s true needs. This results in budget overruns and burnt-out tech teams. In this talk, Aditya presents a framework for improving communication. Through his talk, tech teams will learn valuable skills to better understand and communicate with the business teams. As a result, tech and business teams will find themselves better aligned, avoiding budget overruns and more money in the pocket.

Enhancing Digital Transformation Through Maturity Modeling

Claire Hughes - Empowering people with innovative technology @ DesignInteractive.NET

Organizations around the globe, whether industry or military, are embarking on a journey towards digital transformation (DX), which has been defined as leveraging the latest in emerging technologies to digitally enable business operations while enhancing customer interactions and increasing workforce engagement. Yet, transforming business by digitally enabling processes and procedures is just the first step in a DX journey. Utilizing data as a strategic asset to provide insight is what drives transformative value, in turn fueling unparalleled growth. But to capitalize on data within an organization and drive high-value return on investment, there needs to exist an integrated approach that links digital transformation objectives to overall business strategy to quantify gains and drive competitive advantage. New strategies and models must be considered, with value elements being defined that characterize digital maturity in a manner via which critical success factors, limiting conditions, and prospective transformation trajectories can be identified that drive digital value proposition. This presentation describes the formation of a digital maturity modeling framework for an industry use case.

Machine Learning and Neural Networks to Combat Drugs and Other Chemical Threats

David Nash - IDEM Systems | Co-Founder/Chief Scientist & CEO

This session will discuss the need for advanced software technologies to evolve the capability for government agencies in public health, law enforcement, and homeland security to combat chemical threats. Illegal drugs such as fentanyl have significantly contributed to the skyrocketing drug overdose deaths in America and government officials seem to have no effective solution to address this societal issue. Additionally, fentanyl has been considered a chemical weapon as it wreaks havoc on large metros in the U.S. Traditional chemical weapons such as nerve agents have always been a threat, as multiple nations with hostility toward America possess large stockpiles of them. As classes of these chemical threats have evolved to evade current detection and tracking technologies, the commercial industry has been slow to innovate with new solutions to address these concerns. In this session, the use of machine learning and neural networks to combat these chemical threats will be disseminated.

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Revolutionizing Food Waste: Using Technology to Drive Change

Aneshai Smith - GO See The City | CEO & Founder

In this session, Aneshai, the founder of Go See The City, will share insights on how the platform is reshaping the food industry by effectively tackling the pressing issue of food waste. Originally built with no-code, she will discuss how she built the platform, which seamlessly connects restaurants, consumers, and nonprofits, preventing surplus food from going to waste. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore real-life success stories and case studies, demonstrating how Go See The City makes a positive impact by reducing food waste and addressing food insecurity in local communities. Aneshai will also shed light on the strategic partnerships established which contributed to the platform’s rapid growth and expanding reach. The session will highlight how technology, combined with the power of collaboration, drives sustainability and creates social change within the food service industry. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the potential of no-code solutions in developing impactful platforms and fostering a more sustainable future.

The Unexpected States of Burnout

Jenny Truong - Developer Relations

What do state management and mental health have in common? We tend to think at the moment in life - I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m burnt out. But we sometimes fail to think about the transitions between the states - how did I become tired, and burnt out, and how do I transition to a better state? Then, how do I avoid taking the transitions back to states I don’t want to be in? Thinking in terms of states and transitions is a useful mental model not only for software development but also for understanding yourself and having better control of your life.

Panel Discussion on Business Leadership for Women Tech Makers

Are you a woman working in the dynamic world of technology, or aspire to be a leader in this industry? Join us at the upcoming DevFest Florida conference for an enlightening and empowering panel discussion on "Business Leadership for Women in Technology."  Our distinguished panel of industry leaders and experts will share their insights, experiences, and strategies for success in the tech world. They will discuss the unique challenges and opportunities women encounter in the technology sector and provide valuable advice on how to thrive and lead in this ever-evolving field.

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