Building Next-Gen Mobile Apps: Insights from DevFest Florida on Flutter, Android, MAUI and Unity3D

DevFest Florida is brought to you by GDG Central Florida in partnership with Tampa and Space Coast chapters. It's the most magical developer conference in Florida.
WHERE: Seminole State College - 100 Weldon Boulevard Sanford, FL 32773
WHEN: Oct 14th 

Creating a personal code assistant with Flutter and Palm.

Leo Farias
CEO & Co-Founder at Concepta / Flutter & Dart GDE

Build a custom code assistant with Flutter and Google's Palm API! This talk will guide you through harnessing the power of embeddings and cutting-edge generative AI. By the end, you'll have high-level know-how to develop a dynamic Flutter app that lets you communicate and interact seamlessly with your code, all through the magic of conversation.

The Secret to Mobile is API Design, App Architecture, and Data Handling
Andy Lech
Cross-platform mobile developer (Xamarin.Forms), Consultant at Tews Company, ONETUG President

Let's face it: API design, app architecture and data handling do not make customers flock to your mobile app on their own. But they are essential to every non-trivial app out there and the difference maker for creating efficient, robust apps that are easier to maintain and extend. In this session, we'll cover the benefits of: * Designing your API to deliver data just-in-time due to the constraints of mobile and knowing when and how to break that rule * Returning an extensible error object with detailed information instead of re-throwing exceptions, returning error codes without context, or redeploying your app * Compartmentalizing all REST calls into testable API clients * Pre-processing data and caching in your app core along with network fault-tolerance * Centralizing calls to logging, reporting, and analytics services * Moving all data decisions as far into your app back-end as possible


Exploring Jetpack Compose: Crafting Seamless Experiences and Dynamic Interactions
Nirbhay Pherwani
Lead Engineer, Android @ ReachMobi | Applied AI

The session will cover the following topics 1. Unlocking the Magic of Dynamic Composable Animations in Jetpack Compose 2. Implementing Drag and Drop Across Multiple Screens in Your Android App 3. Truly Shared View Model in Jetpack Compose 4. Seamless Navigation Between Pager and Standalone Composables in Jet Pack Compose 5. Re-orderable Grid Pad


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Say Goodbye to Memory Leaks: Practical Strategies for Optimizing Your Flutter App's Memory Usage!
Debasmita Sarkar
Tech at Peggy | Google Developer Expert for Flutter

Are you tired of dealing with frustrating memory leaks and sluggish performance in your Flutter app? Look no further than this talk! We'll dive into practical strategies for optimizing memory utilization in your Flutter app, covering everything from efficient data structures to optimizing the widget tree. We'll cover a range of topics, including: 1. Efficient data structures 2. Using const constructors and Using const and final where possible 3.Minimizing image size 4.Disposing of objects 5.Implementing lazy-loading 6.Optimizing the widget tree and Avoiding unnecessary rebuilds By the end of this talk, you'll have a toolbox of techniques to help you reduce memory utilization in your Flutter apps and keep them running efficiently. Whether you're a seasoned Flutter developer or just starting out, this talk is for you! So come learn the strategies you need to say goodbye to memory leaks and keep your app in tip-top shape!



Get started with Geospatial Creator for Unity (CodeLab)
Kendra Kennedy
AR/VR Software Engineer at DesignInteractive.NET

Geospatial Creator, powered by ARCore and Google Maps Platform, lets you create augmented-reality (AR) experiences in the Unity editor. It uses Google's Photorealistic 3D Tiles API to preview what the experience looks like in the real world without the need to physically visit that location.

In this codelab, you get started with the Geospatial Creator. You get the quickstart Unity project set up and learn how to operate the editor. After that, you import an asset into the scene and position it into the digital twin of the world. You add an animation to the asset to bring it to life. Finally, you view the content on your device in AR.


Hackathon Hacks for Winning at Everything
Matthew Lucas
Flutter and iOS developer

Danielle Lewis

iOS Developer | J.D., B.S. Computer Science Student | SwiftUI | Java

This motivational session will showcase how Hackathons can change perspectives and trajectory of a young career. Highlighting the Google Developer Group hackathon-winning app Flutter Dash, this talk will cover the choices made and team dynamic that made the win possible.


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