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DevFest Florida is brought to you by GDG Central Florida in partnership with Tampa and Space Coast chapters. It's the most magical developer conference in Florida.
: Seminole State College - 100 Weldon Boulevard Sanford, FL 32773
WHEN: Oct 14th 

Revolutionizing Engineering Platforms and DevOps with Kubernetes and CNCF Projects
Angel Ramirez - CEO @ Cuemby | FHCN Co-Founder, Guest Speaker, CNCF

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the convergence of cloud-native paradigms, containerization, and DevOps practices has given rise to a new era in software development. This talk dives into the exciting realm of engineering platforms and DevOps, where the fusion of Kubernetes and other Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) projects is reshaping how we build, deploy, and scale modern applications. This session aims to provide a comprehensive yet beginner-friendly exploration of the subject, catering to individuals at all skill levels.

Building a Data Warehouse and ELT Pipeline with dbt
Jason Byrne - Software Executive | Founder of MileSplit

In today's data-driven world, the value of data cannot be overstated—it is the lifeblood of every successful business. Companies yearn to leverage data from various sources to make informed decisions and drive revenue growth. To accomplish this, skilled data engineers are in high demand, commanding top salaries as they design and build robust data pipelines. Join us for an engaging tech conference session as we embark on an exciting journey into data engineering. Our session will begin with introducing essential concepts, breaking down the tools, and demystifying industry jargon. During the hands-on demo, we will guide you through setting up a project using dbt, a game-changing open-source tool that has taken the industry by storm. Step by step, we will unveil best practices, equipping you with the skills to begin your rewarding career in data engineering. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the potential of data and open doors to a world of possibilities. Join us for an enlightening session to empower you to shape the future with data-driven success!

Getting Your AI App to Production: A Simple Guide
Bharat Katyal - Full Stack Software Developer | Cloud Architecture and Generative AI Specialist 

This session will discuss the key steps involved in getting an AI application to production. We will cover topics such as: Planning and designing for production, Choosing the right infrastructure, Deploying and managing your application, Monitoring and troubleshooting.

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We will also discuss some tips for keeping your AI application simple and easy to maintain.

Data Engineering with Databricks on Google Cloud
Doug Leal -
Director of Consulting (Data & Analytics) at CGI

Databricks, based on Apache Spark, is a fast, easy-to-use, and scalable data platform. With Databricks on Google Cloud, you can build open, flexible data lakes integrated with BigQuery and Looker. In this session, you will learn about Spark and Databricks, what problems it solves, and how Databricks work on Google Cloud. This isn't another theoretical presentation; this session will include hands-on demonstrations of loading, transforming, and visually presenting data with Databricks.

SQL, Databases, and Data
Andy Warren -
DBA in the Orlando area and the current President of the non-profit SQLOrlando.

Transactional databases have been around for a long time and arguably are still king of the hill for many use cases. There are other times when the scale or type of data may require a different approach, from time series to key value to file-based systems when you need super scale. Most of us will be familiar with one or two of those and they will be our go to solution, in part because we get hired because we know them and in part because we know and trust them. That allows us to focus and boxes us in, an interesting paradox to be sure! But underlying it all is data, the thing that drives businesses and applications and security breaches. We often get caught up in platforms and apis and patterns and all the rest - important to be sure, but in doing so we often treat data as this cursory problem to be solved, almost an annoyance. The goal of this presentation is to challenge you to both learn more about what you know related to data and to look outside your favorite tools for ideas and approaches that maybe solve some problems in a more interesting way. I also hope to inspire you to think and care more about the data and how you use it, ranging from how you can add more value to your application/business and the ethics of how we acquire and use it.

Navigating DevOps Trends: A Lean Coffee Style Conversation
Dan Crenshaw – Orlando DevOps Leader at Capco

Join Orlando DevOps meetup for a captivating Lean Coffee-style session where we delve into the diverse and dynamic landscape of DevOps trends.  From CI/CD, microservices, serverless, security, and agile culture, we'll explore it all. And we'll have great coffee.  During lean coffee, you guide the conversation topics. Got a burning question about DevOps trends? Share it. Have insights or experiences to contribute? Your voice matters here. 

Looking forward to great community, insight and discussion.



 Learn more about DevFestFlorida Orlando - Oct 14th
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