Unleashing the Power of AI: What to Expect at DevFest Florida AI Conference Track

DevFest Florida is brought to you by GDG Central Florida in partnership with Tampa and Space Coast chapters. It's the most magical developer conference in Florida.

BUT it’s also so much more! It is all about Machine Learning, Mobile, Web, Cloud, AI, AR/VR, IoT and other modern technologies!

The idea behind DevFest Florida is to bring top talent to Florida, support local developers with an inclusive environment for learning new technology, and to help developers, designers create relationships with each other & organizations.

WHEN: October 14th
WHERE: Seminole State College - 
100 Weldon Boulevard Sanford, FL 32773

Generative AI Image Synthesis: In-Depth Dive.
Abraham Jose
Computer Vision Research Engineer @ CHEP | CRCV Alum | Product Owner

Pioneering AI: Exploiting VAE, GAN, Diffusion Models, Latent Diffusion & CLIP and walking through the transformation in this generative AI era!

Give your web apps superpower with Generative AI and Mediapipe
Rabimba Karanjai
Doctoral Student | Google Developer Expert

Learn how MediaPipe empowers web developers with custom, cross-platform ML solutions for enhanced web applications. No deep learning expertise? No problem! Discover how to effortlessly create and implement generative AI solutions, unlocking unlimited potential to transform and elevate your web app.

Modern Deep Learning Workshop:  From transformers to LLMs
Henry Ruiz
Data Scientist at Texas A&M University | ML Researcher | Fullstack Software Developer| Google developer expert

This beginner-friendly workshop provides an introduction to the fundamentals of generative AI, including topics such as Transformers, GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), Diffusion Models, Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback, and Large Language Model (for short LLMs). 

Hands-on demos and guided tutorials will allow you to get on top of these #hottopics in tech, allowing you to leverage your (tech) career. Familiarity with Python knowledge is recommended but not mandatory. 

Let's embark on the Deep Learning journey together!

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On Device Generative AI: Building your own Dall-E in the browser, welcome WebGPU
Rabimba Karanjai

Have you ever wanted to create your own AI-generated art? Well, now you can! In this talk, we'll show you how to build a Dall-E-like image generation app in the browser using the WebGPU API.

WebGPU is a new standard for graphics processing that is designed to run on the device itself. This means that you can create powerful and user-friendly AI applications that run right in your browser.

We'll start by giving you an overview of on-device generative AI. Then, we'll introduce the WebGPU API and show you how to use it to build your own image generation app. Finally, we'll discuss the challenges and opportunities of on-device generative AI.

So come along and learn how to create your own AI-generated art!

Real Time Problem-Solving with Anomaly Detection
Barkha Herman
Speaker, Technologist, Podcaster, Coach, WiT Advocate

Anomaly Detection can be an incredibly powerful tool to uncover actionable information quickly and easily. By using ThirdEye and Apache Pinot, businesses can find anomalies in real time, perform root cause analytics, and make decisions with confidence.

This session will provide users with the knowledge they need to start taking advantage of this platform today. We will explore how Anomaly Detection works, how to perform root cause analysis,  and how to implement it in a practical way for any organization.

What is ThirdEye?  It is an Anomaly Detection platform build on top of Real Time DBs such as Apache Pinot.

Who Uses it?  Walmart, LinkedIn, Confluence, TakeAway.com, JustEat.

What's the catch?  None!  Originally built at Linkedin as part of Apache Pinot project, the ThridEye Community Edition is free to try and highly pluggable platform that anyone can download and start using today!

Sculpture Enhancement using TinyML - reinventing a sculpture and my next career direction
Christi Kapp
Founder / CEO and Hospitality Entrepreneur

Sculptures, like most things in life have a beginning, a middle and an end.   Flow-ery Bull initially represented the productive state called "flow".  It was welded during a week-long "flow state" where pieces were cut with a plasma cutter and assembled into flowers that ultimately yielded a bull.  It was displayed in a public art venue, then was unfortunately vandalized by teenagers.  That made me mad, so I literally buried it in the back of my garden for three years..  During that time, I thought about whether to re-imagine it and make it better than ever or just let it rust away for a future archeologist to find and wonder about. 

Then I discovered Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML).  I decided to dig up the sculpture, and then re-imagine both the sculpture and my career focus simultaneously, so that I can surf another wave of technology.   The interactive capability is built using TinyML and the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense.   This talk will show you the physical sculpture reconstruction, the technology, and the resulting career changes.


Learn more about DevFest Florida Orlando - Oct 14th 
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